Tackling Procrastination


Tackling Procrastination

Many people find it difficult to make decisions, and find themselves in front of Facebook when they had actually intended to study before a test.. Finding some form of escape is a common behavior when you have a dull or difficult task in front of you. If you feel that your tendency to put things off is affecting your studies, it might be time to do something about it.

About the course

Our Stop Procrastinating course consists of three meetings, consisting of lectures alongside exercises and group discussions. You will discover what your procrastination looks like and learn strategies to begin to make a change.

NOTE the course is free, but if you have registered and accepted a place but don’t attend, you will be charged an administration fee of 100 SEK per time.

Course details autumn term 2017
Day: Thursdays 15.00-17.00
Course dates: 9/11, 16/11 , 23/11.
Course leader:  Psychologist Glen Bryan

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