Stress management course

Stress management

Do you feel stressed, distressed or distressed in your studies? Do you have high performance requirements and hard to relax?

At the Stress Management course, you will learn more about what stress is and when stress can become unhealthy. The aim is to help you analyze your life situation through the course and have an opportunity to reflect on what changes you want to make for yourself. The course consists of three courses, where we conduct a theory review with exercises and group discussions. Between courses, you get home assignments to work with.

NOTE The course is free but if you have registered and accepted a place but will not be charged you will receive an administration fee of 100 SEK per time.

Course details autumn term 2017
Day: Thursdays  15.00-17.00
Course dates: 30/11, 7/12 , 14/12.
Course leader:  Psychologist Glen Bryan